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 Mcgibbons App:

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PostSubject: Mcgibbons App:   Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:09 am

Which and what was your previous charactors name.Mcgibbons

Job at 75 (Please BOLD job that you consider as main) 85 Sam 85 Rdm 85 Mnk 82 Smn 80 Blm 80 Thf 80 rng 75 drk

Sub Jobs- 45 SAM 45 WAR 45 RDM 45 WHM 45 THF 40 sch

What merits do you apply.

to meny to go through most jobs are capped merits.

What time zone. EST

Normal playing time. Depends on work and shifts and so forth but as much as i can.

Which dynamis do you have

Dynamis Bastok: O

Dynamis Sandy O

Dynamis windhurst O

i can enter all missing dynamis tav win and dynamis xarc

Do you have a level craft: 100 Woodworking

Do you have special equipment: 5/5 homam 5/5 Rdm relic armor 4/5 pld relic armor SAM hands and leg relic other random relic armor
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Mcgibbons App:
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