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 Chump's App

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PostSubject: Chump's App   Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:07 pm

which and what was your previous characters name: Chump (pandemonium)

Job at level 75 (Please BOLD job that you consider as main): DRK MNK war thf blm (sam is 72)

Sub Jobs (37+): whm rdm nin thf sam

What merits apply to your 75 job(s), please give detailed list:
HP (1/ Cool/MP(1/ Cool

STR: 1/5

Combat Skills:
H2H: 6
GS: 6
Scythe: 4
Evasion: 4

Critical hit rate: 4/4

double attack rate: 2/5
Warriors Charge: 1/5

Formless Strikes: 1/5
Penance: 1/5

Ice magic Potency: 1/5
Lightning magic Potency: 1/5
Freeze II: 1/5
Tornado II: 1/5
Burst II: 1/5
Flood II: 1/5

Assassin's Charge 1/5

Last Resort Effect: 3/5
Dark Seal: 1/5
Diabolic Eye: 1/5
Desperate Blows: 1/5

Which is your timezone: PST

What are your normal playing hours: Anytime

Will you be able to make our scheduled events: yes

which Dynamis ares do you have:

Dynamis - San d'Oria? O

Dynamis - Windurst? O

Dynamis - Bastok? O

Dynamis - Jeuno? O

Dynamis - Beaucedine? X

Do you have a high level craft, if so which: Just cloth 50.

Do you have any special equipment for your jobs:
Yeah on some

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Chump's App
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