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 Waaqa application

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PostSubject: Waaqa application   Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:56 pm

After a long talk with Jaybezz lol here i am to apply

Name: Waaqa
Jobs: 90BST,BLU,COR,DRG,DRK,NIN,PUP,RNG,SMN,SCH,THF 76BRD Haven't toouched my brd since abyssea came out so it's behind the power curve. As for my other jobs most are probably useless in abyssea but fun jobs none the less.

Dyna all cities unlocked need Xarbard win

Abyssea: pretty much all the atmas i need i have and some not going to bore anyone with full list but RR, VV, MM covered along with a ton of other atma's

I currently live in Italy so i'm 1 hour ahead of GMT. I am on most days from 15-00 GMT unless i have to work. I'm in the military so there maybe some moments when i'm away for a bit. If that disqualifies me sorry to waste anyones time reading this.

most of my jobs have af3 +1 along with some sky/limbus/aby gear i still make use of and no none of the jobs i have are full perle/aurore/teal

Crafts: 60ww 60smith 60alch 60bone 60cloth 55gs 43food rest is meh

Hopefully I haven't missed anything, nice to meet you all. Hit me up in game if there are any questions i failed to go into detail with.
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Waaqa application
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