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 deaththekid app

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PostSubject: deaththekid app   Sun May 08, 2011 9:53 am

which and what was your previous characters name:Barda was character played on ramuh

Job at level 90+ (Please BOLD job that you consider as main): nin mnk pld rdm bst drk brd87 (can be 90 by tommorow)
Sub Jobs (45+):

What merits apply to your 90 job(s), please give detailed list: mnk: 5/5 counter 5/5kickattack 5/5 invigorate 5/5penance
rdm:paralyze II 3/5 slow II 3/5 bio III 2/5 blind II 2/5 ice magic acc 5/5 wind magic acc 5/5
pld: sentinel recast 5/5 rampart recast 5/5 chivalry 5/5 iron will 3/5 guardian 2/5
bst reward 5/5 call beast timer 5/5 beast affin 5/5 beast healer 4/5
nin: subtle blow 5/5 nin tool expertise 5/5
drk desperate blows 5/5 last resort effect 5/5 last resort recast 5/5
brd: minuet 5/5 finale 2/5 lullaby 3/5

Which is your timezone: est

What are your normal playing hours:7pm-3am

Will you be able to make our scheduled events: yes

which Dynamis ares do you have:all cleared

Dynamis - Beaucedine Access?yes

Abyssea Stone recharge 20/16/12/8hr? 8hr

Abyssea area's?all

Abyssea Atma's?RR VV MM apoc GH c&d DG just about all the ones that matter

Do you have a high level craft, if so which: 80 alchemy working on 100

Do you have any special equipment for your jobs: (nyzul not noticeable lol) i dont really know what to consider special so not sure lol

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deaththekid app
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