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 Dynamis RULES** 4TH draft!

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PostSubject: Dynamis RULES** 4TH draft!   Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:49 am


1 point for being at trails BEFORE 7:15pmGMT 2:15PM EST (to make sure we enter on time.)

4 points for doing WHOLE event untill glass kicks us out,if u leave early u will get 1 point for every hour u were inside

now lotting the most important part

ALL city AF2 = 15 points

Northlands AF2 = 30 points

"1st" and "2nd" jobs

1st and 2nd jobs r for people that want to gear 1 job quickly and also to stop lot whoring

example jaybezz (me) set my "1st" rdm and "2ns" blm and have 100 points but Theringer has "1st" blm
"2nd" nin but has 50 points, if blm hat drops theringer will have priority over me as hes blm is
set to 1st.

the lotting prority goes as follows 1st>>>> 2nd >>> 1/2 price for 75's >>> freelot 75's >>>>> freelot 60 >>>>>> freelot wahtever its a crap AF lol.

ok updating payment system from now on u will ue ur points 2 buy the gil from the ls

payments can be picked up "prior" to event start button and no other time, i enjoy this game 2 ^^ dont wana run around handing out gil ^^

updated as 30/6/10

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Dynamis RULES** 4TH draft!
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