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 Skyrant's Application

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PostSubject: Skyrant's Application   Mon May 17, 2010 9:19 pm

Timezone: GMT+1

Subs/45+: RDM, DNC, BST, WAR, WHM

Next to 75: RDM

Capped Skills: Shield, Evasion, Staff, Sword, Katana, Ninjutusu, Summoning, Elemental
Merits: AM2 Thunder & Ice, Shield, Sword, Evasion, Katana, Elemental, Enfeebling, HP, Crit% +/-, Shiva, Avatar Accuracy/Attack

Dynamis all wins except Tav and Xarc and access to Cities, Northlands and Dreamlands.

96+ Fishing and Cooking
60+ Wood, Alchemy, Cloth, Leather
30+ Synergy

Special Gear: Avalon Breastplate, Osode, Antares Harness, Ixion, Full Iron Ram Set, JoyToy, Aesir Torque, Various Ebon Synergy pieces done or in work, Joy Toy Katana Trial on last stage.

Reason i like to join: My old LS broke after move to Asura. The times work great for me as i am in GMT+1. I enjoy Dynamis and i love a nice paycheck every month. I am not after much gear i just focus on a few select pieces i am missing or need for a new job i am leveling.

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Skyrant's Application
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