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 Kagroku App.

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PostSubject: Kagroku App.   Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:37 am

which and what was your previous characters name: Kagroku

Job at level 75 (Please BOLD job that you consider as main): PLD SAM COR THF(Minus TH4) mnk

Sub Jobs (37+): War60 Whm63 Blm43 Rdm66 Rng69 Nin61 Drg42

What merits apply to your 75 job(s), please give detailed list:

HP: 3/8 Attributes: STR 1/5 Combat Skills: Dagger 3/8 GKT 5/8
Shield: 4/4 Parry: 2/4 Other: Enmity+ 4/4 Crit. Hit: 4/4

MNK: Counter 2/5 K.Attk 1/5 Formless S. 1/5 Invigorate 1/5

THF: TA Recast: 1/5 TripleA Rate 1/5

PLD: ShieldB Recast 3/5 Sentinel 4/5 Chivalry 2/5 Guardian 5/5

SAM: StoreTP 5/5 Meditate 3/5 Shikioyo 1/5 Overwhelm 3/5

COR: Quick Draw Recast & Accu. 2/5 Snake Eye 1/5 Fold 1/5

Which is your timezone: PST

What are your normal playing hours: Before 6-10pm PST and after

Will you be able to make our scheduled events: Yes

which Dynamis ares do you have:

Dynamis - San d'Oria? O

Dynamis - Windurst? O

Dynamis - Bastok? O

Dynamis - Jeuno? O

Dynamis - Beaucedine? O

Do you have a high level craft, if so which: N/A

Do you have any special equipment for your jobs:
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Kagroku App.
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